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New Project X 95 Flighted in AP2's?

chris b

Can the AP2 irons be ordered with the new Project X 95 shafts (5.5)??  I am currently playing the Project X 6.0 but I am getting older and slower swing (don't play as much as well) so I thought the lighter weight may help with distance as well as switching to a 5.5 for a higher ball flight?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

 thanks :) 

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  1. Tim S

    hey chris....I asked the same thing about a set of CB's and the PX 95 flighted is not available at this time but the PXi lightweight shaft is...

  2. Tim S

    the px 95 should be available in the 714 line.....once titleist finalizes their shaft lineup for the new release

  3. chris b

    thanks :)  I can't wait for them to come out.  Both of them look amazing!

  4. chris b

    Kathy had said that the PX 95 is very similar to the DG95 that is supposed to be stock shaft coming out.  But I prefer the more boring trajectory and stability of the PX right now.  I guess I need to go hit them both but the Tour Vans never come around me and the guys at Golfsmith are clueless and don't have enough of a selection of shafts to compare.  That's the difference between us hackers and the guys on tour that they wait on hand and foot.

  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Chris,  We are still testing the PX 95 flighted shaft so cannot make a direct comparison of flight characteristics between the PX 95 and the XP 95.  Based on limited data, the long irons of the XP 95 irons should be slightly lighter (and may produce increased speed/distance) and the XP 95 short irons slightly heavier ( which may increase stability).  This is because of the constant weight, individual shaft per loft design of the XP 95.  The PX 95 are a single blank descending weight shaft.  As soon as testing is completed, we will have a clearer picture of the differences in the two shafts. 

  6. Tom P

    Really hoping that the Project X 95 Flighted is an option in the 714's AP2's. This shaft is really working well for me currently.

  7. marvin p

    Yesterday I bought the AP1 714, the graphite shaft sold me. I wanted a thinner topline (AP2) but the more I hit the AP1's the thinner its topline got, The clubs are soft, but the ball explodes, its further, great trajectory. Now, here is my beef. the Titlest rep. was awful. He had me in a weaker shaft because he used my club speed with a 6 iron and thought it was my driver speed. He would not measure my hands for grip size, just said whatever you are playing now will do. After he wrote down my specs he forgot about me and went on to help someone else. I got the club manager to help me. He got me into the right shaft, and grip size. He said he has tried to get rid of that rep but they keep sending him back. I hope someone from Titlest sees this, I did not know how to contact them.

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