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wedges PLEASE HELP!!

Francisco B

Hi TT members I recall seeing some talk about wedges that i found interesting .... I am currently playing ap2 712's and 52.12, and 56.14 sm4's and i am thinking about adding a TVD-K 60.10 or  60sm4 in either 7 or 10 bounce options into the mix but im kinda dumbfounded and would love your guys help and feedback def love the full sole because i like to dig a bit more when it comes to wedges

To help me fix my gap with my wedges i am going to of course re shaft to match my current iron set but was also thinking once i am there maybe fix the degrees to match the set as well

ap2 P is 47.07 and W is 51.07 so i am thinking of adjusting my current 52.12 sm4 to 51 and this is where i dont remember if i do that will the bounce go up or down 

also thinking about going down a degree with the 56 as well because it seems like most of the ap2 set is about 4 degrees through the whole set so figured it'd be more beneficial or would the 47-52 gap be better going 5 degree gap and bump up the 56 to 57 and 60 to 62 please help this head ache ive been trying to come up with the best answer but figured maybe some of the TT members have thought of this

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Francisco,

    We've got your back... and we love to talk wedges. :)

    TT Joe and I were just on tour the last two weeks and spent some good time in the van chatting with Aaron Dill, the Vokey Tour Rep., discussing our wedge games. I've been in the exact same boat as you and asked many of these same questions... Here is what I've found out...

    In terms of shafts, you don't have to play the exact same shafts in all of your wedges. If you're going to play a lot of full swing shots with your gap wedge, you may want to have the same iron shaft that you have in your set. As for your scoring wedges, you can go with something different and a lot of guys on tour do this.

    Personally, I play Project X 5.5 flighted in my AP2's and  True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 in my wedges.

    In terms of gapping, this is the setup I go with:

    Gap: Vokey C-C 200 Series 51º / 9º (50º / 8º bent 1º weak - adds 1º of bounce)
    Sand: Vokey SM4 200 Series 55º / 15º (54º / 14º bent 1º weak)
    Lob: Vokey TVD-K 59º / 11º (58º / 10º bent 1º weak)

    I like to keep the 4º gap between all of my wedges. This isn't something everyone must do but it is a good start for most people to ensure proper gapping. You want to stay within a 4º to 6º range between clubs which typically translates to a 10 to 15 yard gap.

    Also, as you may have noticed, I get all of my wedges bent weak to add bounce. When bending wedges, it is a 1:1 ratio for loft and bounce. If you bend a wedge 1º weak (i.e. 54º to 55º) you will add 1º of bounce.

    The Voke always tells us... "bounce is your friend." This is especially true for me, as I tend to be a bit of a digger as well, so the bounce helps improve my misses.

    I almost forgot, the TVD-K has been a game changer for me around the greens. I have so much confidence in that wedge and can't say enough good things about it.

    Hope this helps.

    - Mike

  2. Chris L

    I need to try these TVD-K wedges.  I play the same gap wedge setup as you (a bent 1* weak 50.08) and then a 56.11 sand wedge.  I have a 60* TVD M grind but I don't do very well with it for some reason, thinking the K grind might work better for me.  My TVD is the only lob wedge I've tried and it just hasn't worked at all....have thought about giving up on a lob all together, but maybe it's just the grind and my swing aren't a good fit.  

  3. Mike C

    Great wedge synopsis, Mike.  This is a great guide to understand the relationship between bounce and loft on the club.  I am also glad you brought up the issue of shafts in the wedges.  On my AP2's, I play a DG X100 shaft.  The heavier shaft gives me more control of the club on full swings.  However, on both of my TVD wedges, I play a DG S200.  This shaft gives me much better feel around the greens when I need to make those "touch" shots.  I think alot of people just put the same shaft from their irons into their wedges when, in fact, the correct shaft may be the same of different based upon how the individual swings the irons vs wedges.

  4. AJAR

    Interesting thread! 

    Now that we have Mike D's set composition (especially wedges) any chance if getting Cathi, Cameron and Joe's wedge composition and what they like about it?

  5. Francisco B

    i was def thinking tvd k my self like i mentioned i need to play with it of course but am thinking about doing a 5 degree gap but that is depending of the fitting of my higher clubs see if i can take one out to do the four wedge set up which is what i think would fit me but at the same time the 52 and 56 have been so good to me i dont know what do you think mike i like the full sole on those two should i pull the trigger or like i mentioned see if i should wait for the longer clubs fit and see if i have room?

  6. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    If you're looking to add another wedge, I would say the TVD-K is a good option if you're a bit of a digger. In terms of overall set composition, that really depends on your game and gapping with long irons. I personally go with the fourth wedge instead of an extra long game club because I tend to have more shorter shots into the green versus needing an extra wood or hybrid for the long game. 

  7. Francisco B

    well thats the hard part for me since i have only been golfing since last oct and ive been picking up equipment here and there as i get better my first thing to buy was a wedge then irons then hybrids and fairways as i get better i am shooting 90's already broke mid 80's couple times

    for the most part though my short game is pretty well from bout 125 in is no prob between my pw ,52 and 56 i can get up and down my chipps and pitches are doing very well lately  which is why im thinking just bump down my 56 to 57 my long game is so so i can drive and 3 wood pretty well longer hybrids and irons still getting down 

    so it really puts me in a pickle to decide was thinking buying 15 clubs and depending on course exchange one for other but do i really want to spend more on a club i might not even use

  8. Quintin H

    I think how they play for full swing should be the furthest thing from your mind.

    I think you should be concerned about how they work for your partial swing.

    I think your strategy should be get close enough to use a partial swing wedge or layup to a full swing iron.

    Of course mistakes happen, thats what a PW is for.

    Bending wedges.......adding loft adds bounce.

  9. Lou G

    To date, my best wedge setup is SM4 54-11 and 60-10 both bent 1* strong  The M grind works very well in a wide variety of conditions.  I have a 64-07 that I use once in a while but am finding I can play an open face with the 60 and do the same thing; in fact, I find it easier to pick the ball off a tight lie with the 60.

    I briefly played with an SM4 52-12 bent 1* strong to replace the SM c-c 50-08 and 54-14 (both bent 1* strong),  Worked OK for the most part but tended to dig a bit in soft bunkers.

    I also played a SM c-c 62-07 through 2011 to replace the SM2 60-07 and 64-07.  It worked in a wide variety of conditions .  The SM4 60-10 stops the ball better.


  10. Hotsauce

    Nice one Mike.  I didn't know about the 1:1 1* to bounce ratio.  It's interesting that you order your wedges 1* strong just to have them bent 1* weak.  Do you notice much of a difference in your 55* bent to 56* than a stock 56*?

  11. Paul T

    I have a full set of SM4 wedges, 52*, 56*, and 60*. My 60* with 10 bounce. And I love it. That club is the envy of all my friends. It gives me the best flop shots. Great feel, and great control. I have the stock shaft on it, as well. Either way, keep it Vokey! haha

  12. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Josh G

    Nice one Mike.  I didn't know about the 1:1 1* to bounce ratio.  It's interesting that you order your wedges 1* strong just to have them bent 1* weak.  Do you notice much of a difference in your 55* bent to 56* than a stock 56*?

    Hey Josh,

    I go with the stock 54* bent to 55* to keep my yardage gaps in check. I've had success with the 56* bent to 55* but prefer the look of 54* to 55* and getting the extra bounce. We'll have to tee it up again this summer.... I need a putting a lesson and any guy who rolls the rock with a Napa can certainly help my game out.



  13. Christian G

    I like the 4 wedge, 4* gap.  I switched back to a 3 wedge setup for a while, 46,53,60 and felt like I was missing a go to club in the 90 yard range.  That said, I'm glad I looked at this thread, because I went over to the Vokey site to look at the K grind wedges and I see they've added a couple more K grind lofts for us lefty's.  (we usually get left with the scraps) . lol. 

  14. Tom B

    Most of the "experts" if you go somehere for club fitting, will have you try to keep with that 4dg gap along the way or close to it, but it's all about your game and what you can use the most to help out in those spots.    I have the TVD 52 with a PW of 47 but move up from the 56 to 58 TVD 9, as not carrying a 60 (never could get along with him), the 58 lower bounce gives me tons of options from the bunker to tight lies and rough around the greens.   It's not a 60 or 64 but in opening it up when I have to it is close enough that I get most of the same.  Both in the oil can finish, as they rust I think the roughness gives me a little bit more spin when I want it around the greens.  I had cally wedges with the "mac daddy" grooves, (illegal now), but the more Titleist I get the more I love the feel and quality of their clubs.  Switched to Vokey 3 months ago and couldn't be happier.  Slightly less spin, than the old "now illegal" ones, but consistant performance on full and touch shots from everywhere.  Good luck

  15. Lou G

    Paul T

    I have a full set of SM4 wedges, 52*, 56*, and 60*. My 60* with 10 bounce. And I love it. That club is the envy of all my friends. It gives me the best flop shots. Great feel, and great control. I have the stock shaft on it, as well. Either way, keep it Vokey! haha

    I've been using the 60-10 (bent to 59) over a year now and I love it! It has been my main greenside bunker club and it hits well in any situation (even off a mound with a severe downhill lie to a pin 15 feet away). 

    I'm a little less "traditional" because I carry a 54-11 (bent to 53) vs 52 and 56.  The SM4 54-11 is probably about the greatest sand wedge. 

    After all the fuss I decided to keep the 64-07 in the bag.  Worls well in short pot bunkers.  Basically a full swing (30-50 yards) , full pitch (20-30 yards) or 10 yard flop shot.  Very limited use but nice to have.

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