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913 D3 Shaft


My swing speed is 105-110. I used to swing the 910 D2 with the Aldila RIP XS 60 2.7 shaft. Liked it, but went through a swing change and am not swinging as hard anymore. I recently bought the 913 D3 for more control, and it has the Diamana 62 XS shaft. I'm not getting consistent strikes with it, and at times I am snap hooking it. So I'm losing confidence in it. So my question is, what do I change? The head back to D2? The shaft to a S? The shaft to a different manufacturer? Kick? Torque? Or a combination of any of these? Btw, I like the new swing with every other club in the bag so I am not changing that.

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  1. Jerry S

    Do you still have the old driver?  First thing I would do is put the old shaft on the new head and try that.  --Jerry

  2. Azam

    Hey Jerry,

    Thanks for the thought. The problem is/was, which I forgot to mention in the first post, the shaft of the old driver actually broke when the bag fell off the back of the golf cart, it wasn't strapped in properly. That was the whole reason I needed to buy a new one. So yeah that wasn't an option, but I did go do a fitting and have ordered what I'm hoping is the right shaft. So we'll see what happens.


  3. Michael C

    Maybe a heavier shaft such as 72 gram?

  4. Luke W

    Michael C

    Maybe a heavier shaft such as 72 gram?

    i agree with michael maybe a heavier shaft would help or the kick point too?

  5. Don O

    You can try the new shaft in the D2 head.  I'll guess the sweet spot on the 910 D2 may be larger than the 913 D3.  If you're snap hooking, you may also have a tempo problem.  Try dialing your swing speed back 10% and pausing at the top of your back swing to make sure you have the right sequencing at transition.  You might be overswinging as it is hard to adjust to a change without some lingering mechanics from what you were used to.

    If fitted, you may want to recheck with your fitter if the issue is the shaft or the swing.

  6. James G

    Hi Azam,

    I have that exact shaft, except for I have it .5 inch longer.  With this shaft having played it for 3 months now I can tell you that is is very key that you 1) load the shaft every time and 2) swing it. I tend to miss it like you mentioned when I dont swing at it or try to steer it (by swinging a bit too easy).  Taking consistent, full swings with this bad boy combo will give you a great flying, tumbling out driver combo.  Good tempo with a good (not fast) but agressive swing and you should see it do what you want. Enjoy.


  7. Azam

    You guys must all be club fitters or swing coaches because you all hit the nail on the head. I got fitted and saw a swing coach, both said what you guys are saying: heavier shaft, better tempo. So i went back to roger dunn and ordered the heavier shaft (72) in the X and have been working on the tempo at the range. Already feels better. By the way James, I think I prefer the heavier shaft, but you were right on about the tempo. Anyways, I'll keep you guys posted on the results. Thanks guys!


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