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Titleist 910 D3 - SureFit Wrench

Mark D

Hello Titleist Staff,

I seem to have lost my SureFit Wrench and I believe I most likely left it at the last golf course that I played, however I have not had any success in calling the course in hopes that someone returned it.

I now have a tournament coming up next weekend and I am in dire need of adjusting the setting from A1 to B1, or C1. Would I be able to utilize an old Cobra AMP torque wrench that I have laying around to adjust the driver? I definitely do not want to strip the hosel or break anything, but I really do not know what to do here. I don't want to purchase any third-party knock-off accessories and I am really upset that I lost my wrench.

Can you please provide me with any suggestions?



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  1. 19hole

    Mark, I would just go to any pro shop that sells the Titleist and ask if you can use their wrench. Most will let you and you could take the opportunity to order a new one from them. 

  2. Cameron D


    Any authorized Titleist retailer can order one for you.  In the meantime they can adjust it for you if you visit the shop, assuming the retailer you visit has a fitting cart.  I would stay away from using other manufacturer's wrenches.  



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