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913F and 913H

Dale H

I would like to change to a longer shaft for my 913H 21*  - can I use a 913F shaft?  I guess my question is do they use the same adapter in the 913H and 913F clubs  - know they changed from the 910 series. Are there issues with this I am not expecting?


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  1. Cameron D


    They are different tip sizes and are not compatible.  



  2. Kyle T


    Are the sure-fit tips different sizes(length and/or diameter)? Will the 913F surefit tip not physically fit into the 913H hosel ? I know the shafts are different diameters, but was curious about the tips as well. 

  3. Cameron D


    The 913 fairway shaft will fit in the head and tighten, but know this can be done because you are putting a .335 tip into a .370 hosel.  It will be secured and held tight by the screw, but is not recommended and will be very susceptible to breaking at the hosel. 



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