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Question from GA

James G

Hi all, quick question.


I gamed Titleist 962s back in the day and was primarily a Titleist player. I got back into the game a few years back and have basically played what I could afford that looked good to me and felt good, I just did not have anyone near me that is a certified fitter.

So I graduate from College at the end of this year and the only gift I asked the family for was money to go towards a properly fit set of clubs.

I currently play a blade set from another manufacturer and I am looking to upgrade to the new 714s when they launch.

I am looking at the MBs, CBs, and AP2s. I feel I could use a bit more forgiveness but I still have to have plenty of playability to work shots. I just have not had the luxury of hitting any of the current line up, the 712s, so I do not know what to expect from those three iron series.

Anyone who has been fit before, what should I ask or tell the fitter and what all do I need to be aware of?

Also, does anyone know a good fitter in GA?

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  1. Thomas C

    James - Two of us recently had great fittings from Gary Cresend at Augusta CC. (The Titleist Team can provide other fitting centers if that isn't close to you).  I provided him with my current clubs and distances before I showed up and explained what I was working on with my swing and where I wanted to end up.  Gary patiently handed me different club/shaft combinations for about an hour to narrow the choices and then I took the two "finalists" out on the turf for the ultimately decision.  He used a launch monitor, impact tape, and his years of experience to help me get the best clubs possible.  I ended up with the 712 AP2 irons (4-W) and a 712u 3 iron.  I'm a 15 handicap on my way down with a fairly decent swing speed.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your fitting! 

  2. NoleInSC

    I am the other guy that Gary Cressend recently fitted at Augusta Country Club.  I was fitted for a set of 962s a long time ago and a set of 762s more recently, and, like you James, nowadays was looking for some clubs that were a little more forgiving.  I also wanted to be fit for a driver as well using the latest technology (launch monitor, spin rates, etc.).  

    Gary was terrific!  I told him what I wanted and he looked at my bag and I hit some shots with the 6-iron from my 762 set.  He used impact tape, and lie tape to settle in on the lie angle, and went through a bunch of shaft combinations to find the best one for me.  We settled on the customization that gave me the most consistent results and that felt right for me.  Same thing with the driver.  I was hitting my old driver way too high, so we used some D3s and D2s with lower lofts, as low as 7.5 to get the ball flight where it needed to be.  Gary also used a device to measure spin rates on the ball as I was hitting different lofts with the different driver heads.  I received my clubs (AP1s and a D3 driver) a week within my fitting and have really enjoyed using them.  Like Thomas, I hope to play well in a tourney in SC this weekend.    

    Be prepared to make a lot of swings...and don't try to change things around with your swing while you are getting fitted.  Whoever you choose to fit you will make sure that your equipment is fit for your swing.  That is what they are supposed to do.  Good luck and keep us posted!  

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