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Shaft suggestion for 913F and 712MB

Richard H

Hello. I just recently did a driver fitting and bought the 913 D3, 9,5 loft, Diamana D+ 72 S. I was hitting the ball at around 112 mph, i am getting the X-stiff version of the same shaft to try out as well. Trackman recorded my drives at 295-305 meters.

So i am thinking of getting the 913F 15 degree, and the 712 MB irons. What stock shafts would you suggest for me?

I am thinking of the Diamana D+ 82 S for the 913F, or should i go for X-stiff? In that case what is that shaft called?

And lastly for the 712 MB irons, should i go for the dynamic gold x100's? 

Richard H, Sweden 

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  1. Cameron D


    With that club head speed in your driver, you will probably fit into an XS flex for your other clubs.  I would still consult a Club Fitter to make sure, since there are cases when players are in XS for their driver and stiff for other clubs.  If you do decide to go with the Diamana D+ 82 in you 3 metal, you can get that in XS at no up-charge as well (stock option).  The X100 for your irons are also a stock option, but you want to make sure that it gives you the ball flight you are looking for.  In this case, the X100 will promote a low launch and low spin in those irons.  

    Hope this helps.



  2. Richard H

    Thank you for the answer Cameron! And thank you Titleist for great support.


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