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Shaft question: 'ahina vs. 'ilima vs. Kai'li


I'm looking into getting a slightly-used set of 910s -- the D2 (9.5*), F (15*) and H (19*). I'm a typical bogey golfer, happy with a score somewhere in the 80s. With my current driver (9.5*), while I'm capable of nutting one 290-300 from time to time, I tend to be in the 265-275 range. My current fairway (14*) goes 220-230. My current hybrid (18*) goes 200-210. For the most part I try to hit it straight or with a small draw, but every now and then I can go outside-in and cut it a bit. I can miss both directions, though, resulting in either a low hook or a high fade.

What I'm trying to determine is which of the Diamana shafts would be right for me. One aspect of my swing is that I tend to hit the ball obnoxiously high, to the point where I get very little roll with any of my clubs -- almost all of my distance is carry. I thought it may be a product of the shafts I have in my current clubs, but I recently tried a new driver (10*) and skied that one, too. Keep in mind that I'm not an ace and am willing to sacrifice a little distance for better control, plus I don't think switching to a 7* or 8* driver is the solution since I'm not a good enough player to hit it consistently. I'm simply not seeing enough fairways these days.

Based on what I can tell, perhaps the 'ahina is the route I should go. Unless I'm reading it wrong, I believe this will produce a more penetrating flight, get the ball out of the air sooner and help me with the roll. I don't want to be spraying line drives, but since I hit it high naturally, maybe my swing combined with a low-launch shaft is the best medicine. Is there any reason to think I'd be better off with the 'ilima or Kai'li? I'd greatly appreciate some informed feedback.

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  1. ksprecher


    The Ahina is a lower torque, stiffer tip and higher bend point shaft than the other two. It's the perfect shaft to lower your ball flight.

    The only reason to choose the kai'li is it might be easier to turn over. The Ilima is not the right shaft for you.

    Good luck,


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