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Shaft Suggestions For New AP2s

Daniel K

So I'm a 19 year old college student who used to play quite a bit through middle school. I eventually took four years off during high school and picked the game back up about a year ago. I bought a set of used 712 AP1s with the true temper S300s in them just because I wasn't if I was really gonna dedicate the time to the game. Well after about a year I've gotten myself down to a 9 or 10 handicap and I think my swing might be a little too much for these clubs. The first issue I'm having is the offset. I am a prety consistent draw hitter and recently the ball has been drawing about 20 yards from where I'm aiming. I hit the ball extremely high so I wouldn't classify it as a smother hook it just turns over too much. The height is honestly my biggest problem. Even with a 4 or 5 iron I can end up hitting the ball as high as an 8 or 9. And while I fly the ball about 170 with a 7 iron thats as far as it goes. Pretty much goes 170 then dives straight down. I went on a trackman and with a 6 iron my clubhead speed is around 86-90 mph. Driver speed is about 110-113. Also I'm not much of a divot taker. I wouldn't say I sweep the ball but I don't get much dirt comin off the ground.

So with this in mind I think I'm not quite a pure enough ball striker for a set of CBs so I'm lookin at the AP2s. My question is if this is the right choice and what kind of shaft I probably need in them. I probably need a x-stiff just no sure specifically which would be the best for me. I know its a good idea to go get a fitting I just need like 2-3 shafts to choose between that I can go try out. If it matters I'm around 5"11

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  1. 19hole

    The AP2 is a great step up from the AP1. You get a forged iron with less offset. That should help with your high ball flight. Spend the time with a fitter and let hime see how you hit the ball with your current clubs. I woulnd't be worried about distance, 170 from a 7 iron is more than enough. You need to control the trajectory. I would start with the DG S300 and look at an X100 if the flight is still too high. there are other shafts in the Project X line that you could try and it is possible to "tip" the shaft a bit to change the flex point and thus the launch.

    Work with a good fitter and you should be all set! 

  2. Thomas C

    Hey Daniel - I had the 710 AP1s with the same shaft you have and was just fit for new AP2s.  My distances and swing speed are almost identical to yours and I was surprised to find that the KBS Tour regular flex was the best for my swing.  Gary Cresson at Augusta CC did my fitting and mentioned that swing speed alone doesn't determine flex of the shaft.  How you "load" the club during your swing and other facets of the swing play a major role in what will work best for you.  I never would have believed it, but after an hour of Gary handing me different club and shaft combinations, the AP2 with KBS reg flex shafts felt and flew the best.  BTW, I did get a staff flex in my 913 Driver and fairway wood because those were the best combinations for my swing with those clubs..

    I recommend just going into a professional fitting session with an open mind and let the Titlesit Pro work his magic. 

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