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Driver shaft

James B

I have a Titleist 910 D2 12% Driver fitted with a Diamana 65 Kailli shaft, my swing speed is approx. 85 mph,I have a reasonably smooth transition but only drive about 210 yds ,do I need a more suitable shaft or is it about right for my swing speed

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  1. 19hole

    You might see a bit more from the Bassara 50 in an A flex.

  2. Don O

    You'd need to get launch angle checked.  If anything, you might benefit from more launch - which is where 19Hole is going with the Bassara recommendation.  At about the same speed (86-88) I have 910 10.5 set to 11.25 the Ihana R, the higher launching shaft before the Bassara was added as the stock shaft in 2012 (for the 910s).  For driver, there wasn't enough value for a new shaft.  With clean hits I'm in the 220-235 range.  I needed something longer than a 7W (I've tried everything in the past - 19/17/16/15 H/F across four vendors).  I got fitted for a 913F 15 with the Bassara A, and the launch definitely is getting me the extra distance I needed - even off the deck.  This one is a keeper....finally.

    You can get just the shaft for the 910D, and every fitter will have that shaft in A-flex to try on your head (...or the 913 if you want).

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