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Titleist 910f or 910fd ?

david b

I am currently playing the Titleist 910fd 15deg fairway wood with the project X 6.0 shaft, From the tee the launch angle & overall performance are great but from the fairway the launch angle is too low and the carry barely more than my 17 deg hybrid.

I am concerned a switch to a 910 f with it's higher launch angle might be good from the fairway but may be too high off the tee, my driver swing speed is 96 mph. Has anyone else dealt with the same problem?

Thanks David

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  1. Mike C

    I play the 913fd 15 degree fairway wth a ProForce V2 76g shaft.  I ended up going with the fd as oposed to the f due to the lower launch angele and the deeper face.  I tend to primarily hit this off the tee when the driver is too long so the fd was the best fit for the primary use of the club.  That being said, I do end up using the club off the deck at times but I still hit it about 20-30 yards longer than my 18 degree hybrid.  Part of this may be the fact that I tend to have a steeper attack angle with my swing and, while the ball flight is lower than the f, the fd still gets adequate distance.  I use a tip-stiff shaft to account for the turf interaction on the fairway shots.  I have found that I can alter the ball flight but changing the ball position in my setup and my swingpath.  It may be worth spending some time on the range to figure out if tweaking either of these items has an impact on your ball trajectory.

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