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changing 913 D3 shaft

Mike G

I have a Titleist 913 D3 driver with the Aldila Voodoo NVS6 shaft in it and I really dislike the shaft. I have an S+ 72 from Diamana and was wondering if Titleist would either pull the SureFit adapter off the Aldila and install it on the S+72, or put a SureFit adapter on the S+72. Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

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  1. Cameron D


    We aren't able to pull the adapters and install on other shafts or take in shafts that don't have any adapters on them.  Know that if you are looking for shafts in the future, we do offer them individually through any authorized Titleist retailer that come equipped witha  Surefit adapter. 



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