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AP1 712 Irons swing weight for Left Hand

Sean D


Hi, I am thinking of upgrading from AP1 710 to the new AP1 712 irons. I  am a left hander and I was custom fitted for my 710's which recommended 1 degree up, and length +1", stiff.  However I was told that the 1" extra length would change the swing weight too much and so the length was set to +3/4" to avoid this. The reason give for this was because Titleist do not have the same number of club head weights for their left handed sets.

Can someone in the Titleist team tell me if this is still the case with the new 712 irons and confirm what the swing weight will be if I get them adjusted to 1 degree up, and length +1" and also what swing weight will be for 1 degree up, and length +3/4"? 

Also what are the swing weights for the AP1 710 irons with the above adjustments so I can compare?



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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Sean,  We do not have the extra lite heads in LH that we have for RH so we are not able to lower swingweight as much.  It depends on what shaft and flex that you choose.  Say, for example, you use a DXP in an S300 flex.  At 1" over, the lightest swingweight we could build to (LH) is D7 and we would recommend that you have your pro shop specify that swingweight.  If you change the length to 3/4" over, the lightest swingweight we can build to is D5.5-D6.  Please note, if you are fitting into 1" overlength clubs, you are probably bigger and taller.  The difference in swingweight between a D2 and a D7 is the weight of a nickel.  Most players that use that length are also stronger and the swingweight helps them with their tempo. 

  2. Sean D


    Hi Caithi,

    Thanks for the reply. I would like to go with the same swing weight as my old 710 AP1's, The were fitted with the standard shaft with 3/4" added to length, Lie 1up and flex was stiff. Can you tell me what the swing weight of my old clubs were as they were stolen from my car and so have no other way of finding out the swing weight?




  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Sean,  I can only approximate, but with the NS Pro 105T shafts in stiff flex at 3/4" long and a standard grip, it should have been D7.

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