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913D2 Rip Phenom 50 - Swingweight

Jeff H


What would be the Swingweight of a 913 D2 10.5 Driver, with a 45" Rip Phenom 50 shaft?

Could this be swingweighted to D6?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Jeff,  The Phenom shafts do swingweight a little heavier due to their balance points.  We can get the 913 D2 10.5° driver with a RIP Phenom 50 shaft at 45" to a D5 using a 14 gram weight.  Just make sure your pro shop requests that swingweight when placing the order.  There is no upcharge to build to that swingweight.

  2. Jeff H

    Thank you Cathi,

    Additionally, do you happen to know if the Rip Phenom 60 would play the same as the 50?

    I was recommended a 50 during a demo day, but did not get to try the 60.  I tend to like more weight to give me more control and consistency of strikes, but liked the flight I was getting with the 50.

    I notice the torque is lower on the 60.

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Jeff,  It depends on whether you like overall weight, heavier shafts or a heavier swingweight.  They are all different.  In general, heavier weight shafts will hit the ball lower and sometimes spin less.  Usually, when someone has a quick tempo, the heavier swingweight and/or shaft will help them with timing.  The 60 will launch lower and spin less than the 50 and we can build that shaft at D6 if you prefer.

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