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Seeking opinions for driver shafts


Hey TT:

Inquiry - 

I am seeking any clubhead/shaft combos you use to help lower your trajectory off the tee.

Equipment - 

907 D2 driver with a UST Pro Forve V2 - 76 gram - stiff shaft

Background - 

My clubehead speed is about 100-105 MPH with a ball speed of 155-160ish MPH.

I consistently hit a high rising and quick dropping drive that flies on average 260-270.

I have never been interested in more distance, but I have become increasingly more interested in lowering my trajectory to provide a more boring flight, with possibly some additional rollout.

Stats - 

It may be important to add that I am 6'4'', so I know my swing plane is already steep.  But any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.


2 Replies

  1. Nate S

    I use a 913D2 with the RIP Phenom skull and crossbones shaft 60g x stiff I am 5'11 and 15 yrs old.

  2. Mike

    Jahloha - I have had the same issue in hitting a high rising / quick dropping drive.  I have about the same clubhead and ball speed as you.  I have tried a number of shafts including the Motore Speeder Tour Spec 7.2 and still hit it high.  A few weeks ago I tried the Matrix Black Tie 7M3 and it has changed my game.   I went with stiff as the X was a beast compared to others (I usually go back and forth between S and X depending on the shaft).  A low piercing trajectory and lower spin than I had with all of the others.  I realize that every shaft works differently with each swing but it was encouraging to play on a windy day and blast drives that didn't balloon and lose a bunch of yards.   Additionally, my miss is an occasional hook left and I found this shaft harder to hook.  

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