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Use of the "Secret Grips" .......

Todd S

I am playing AP1/712's with the Graphite Design Tour AD 65i (regular flex) and have been using the "Secret Grip" (the one Nicklaus advertises) that has 17grams of Tungsten in the butt end of the grip.  I know that some of the best players in the game have been butt end weighting their clubs for years and years.....but my question is this........

What have I done to my swing weight?  These grips should help you release the club head a little more and that might be why I have had the occasional pull/hook with my irons!!  Would adding lead tape to the club head bring the swing weight back into factory specs (or close!)? Or am I better off going back to Golf Pride Dual Decade Whiteout grips I was using? 

I'm just not sure if the guys like Nicklaus were back weighting their irons and then doing something to bring the swing weight back into factory specs (or their original specs!).  

This pull/hook issue has got me thinking I might put my Project X Flighted 5.0 iron shafts in my AP1 heads!!  I just don't know if I will lose distance doing this!!  And God knows I don't need to lose any distance!!!LOL!!!!  

I need your help Team Titleist.....and anyone else on here for that matter!!

Thanks so much and God bless, Todd

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    HI Todd,  By adding weight to the grip end of the shaft, you have reduced the swingweight by at least 4 swingweights.  You have moved the balance of the club to the grip end of the club (which makes the head feel lighter).  If you were to try to add weight back to the head of the club to increase swingweight, you will have achieved standard swingweight, but the overall weight of the club will be considerably heavier. 

  2. Rick S

    Everyone will see different results, but I have 30g TourLock Pro weights in my 712mb's and have not had any issues. What I did see was a much tighter impact pattern (tape tested) with the weights v. without. So my guess is it's more of a swing issue than a swingweight issue. IMHO, I don't care what the swingweight number is, as long as it works for me. Again, YMMV. But keep in mind, that 30g's--about the difference between the Secret Grip and a "standard" grip is really only about an ounce in weight. Also, I do have the SG's on my woods and hybrid and love the results.
  3. Todd S

    Thanks Cathi and Rick!!

    Rick, I can myself using the weights if I were hitting the MB's, but I'm just afraid that with the off-set on the AP1's, that it just might be too much "release"!!  That is why I am wondering if the Project X 5.0 or 5.5's might help with the problem!?!?  

    I am going to do a complete bag fitting in about a week that is going to include my AP1's as well as the AP2's.  I may just wait for the 714/AP2's!!  I do love the forged feel!!

    Thanks again and God bless, Todd

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