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Transferring shaft from 909 to 913

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I have a 909 D3 driver that I had custom fitted with a AD Quattrotech MD6 shaft, which I really like and which works well for me. However, I am keen to take advantage of the newer head technology in the 913 (or even 910). Is it possible to get the shaft pulled, an adapter fitted and put into a 910/913? Does the Titleist fitting centre in Huntingdon do this sort of thing and advise what weight need to go into the head to get it to play at D1.8 on a 44.75" length?

Alternatively should I stop messing about and continue to play with it as is in the 909?


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hello,  The 909 driver was tipped differently than our 910 or 913 drivers.  We don't offer a service that will refit a 909 driver shaft with a 910 or 913 tip. That shaft has a medium soft butt, mid tip and a lo-mid torque.  Your fitter at Huntingdon may be able to help you find an alternative shaft that will feel as good and you will be getting the benefit of more forgiveness, and faster speeds of the 913.

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