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Johnny T

I hava new 913D3 driver and I have tried almost every setting on the thing and I cannot hit it with any consistency. It may go left or may go right. Not like it is hooking or slicing but straight left or right. I am about to give up and go back to my old TM that is several years old but never had these kinds of problems with. It has a  regular flex shaft  that I think is too short and maybe too flexable. Any suggestions ?

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  1. Cameron D


    You will want a Club Fitter to take a look at what the issue is.  If you can find a Club Fitter that can analyze you using a launch monitor, they can check to see if your club head speed may be too inconsistent for that flex.  They may determine all together that you need to look at different shaft options, but they would be your best option since they can see your ball flight first hand.



  2. pulplvr

    I've got to agree with Cameron, Johnny.  One question that popped into my mind when I read your post was, were you fitted for your 913D3 or did you just purchase one.  It may be that you should have chosen the 913D2.

  3. Johnny T

    Thanks Cameron, I will look into that option.

  4. Evan01

    Take a lesson! If you can't hit the ball properly I don't think a fitting is right at this time. Are the fitters honest with you and tell you that something in the swing is off? I wonder as I was fitted at Manchester ln in MA. When I started playing with the new driver I could not hit it straight to save my life or the guy in the next fairway. My club pro quickly fixed the problem.

  5. steve c

    I think I agree with Cameron see a fitter. Try to find a fitter that will ask you a few questions and take some time. If your hitting your other club ok then bring it with you the fitter will compare numbers and it will help him/her get an idea of the numbers that work for you. Your old shaft will help him figure out the cpm and give a starting point even if your hitting at a range. If you have an indoor fitter bring a few of the balls you like to play with as well it does matter if you play any old ball you get cheap, you might get lucky and find a fitter that will help you get in the right ball. Try not to get fit with range balls for the final fitting and try to buy the actual shaft you hit well some companies shafts are not all that accurate but if he takes the time he will get darn close at matching the shaft numbers and can even let them know the numbers he needs when ordering your shaft. Read a little bit and before you pick the fitting person talk to him or her interview them, you find a competent person in your area and stick with them even if its 5 bucks more than a big box store.  Good Luck

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