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Club fitting Internship in Carlsbad?


Good afternoon,

I'm a current student at the Golf Academy of America in Carlsbad, CA (3rd Semester Graduating April 2014). I know there is the Titleist Performance Institute in Carlsbad. As my golf knowledge is growing I find club fitting to be something I can see as a career path. I was wondering if Titleist offers any sort of internship or apprenticeship for aspiring club fitters? Thanks!


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    HI Nicholas,  We do hire interns in our customer service department and most are PGA members or level III students.  Our Oceanside facility doesn't have an internship program as everyone there is quite experienced when they are hired and then will undergo further training before they fit on their own. 

    We would recommend working with a fitter in the area or working as a fitter in the area with a custom fitting account. When they hire for fitting positions, they look for experienced fitters with good people skills as well as good writing skills.

  2. Paul B. C

    Were can one get certified to become a Titleist Club Fitter in the Orlando Fl. area?

    Thank you,

    Paul B.C.

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