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Wedge Sole Grinds?

Brandon C

Hey Everyone,

I am sure this has been brought up before but I haven't been able to find the best solution. With a majority of your golf game being in the -100 yard range, proper skill with your wedges will be key to lowered scores. I would consider my short game as the greatest part of my game but I know I could be so much better and more consistent. Here in the not so distant future I am planning on replacing my current wedges with newer ones in a wider array of degree's. The plan set up is a 52°, 56° and 60°.

My question would be, short of finding a club demo day at a local course, what would you say is the best way to go about finding and testing the wide array of wedges available? I can make a pretty good determination on the type of bounce necessary for each club but without truly testing the clubs in real golf conditions, how would you know which sole grind to look for?



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  1. David Browning

    Brandon, Say you get a 52* low bounce, a 56 standard and a 60 high. Each club has a specific grind to fit with the bounce/loft. Its like they're designed with the bounce to fit your playing needs, and Mr. Vokey chose a special grind to go along with it to offer the player more workability with each club. Some grinds wouldn't work with some of the lofts/bounces Check out the Titleist shop/fitter link. You'd have your best bet going with either a regional or an advanced fitter, who works outdoors. Some places would even take you out on the course so you could try out the wedges from numerous lies. Anyways, hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, just ask.
  2. Chris92009

    I think two general thoughts come to mind to add on to David's comments which were spot on.  The first is if you tend to play more soft ground or you tend to take large divots then more bounce will help your cause.  The second is if on your loft wedges (such as 58, 60 or 62) you may prefer smaller bounce if you open the face a lot or if you play out of firm sand.

    Just a couple generic thoughts that might help...IMHO.

    Good Luck!

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