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Low Ball Flight with Driver

Alexander B

Hi, i play punchy Drives with my Driver, but i think the Ball flights are much too low. My irons are very i score well. At the moment i play a prolaunchred 65stiff in my 910d3. What do you recommend what type of shaft is good for me or perhaps Driver? Bye Alex

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  1. Nate S

    Well exactly how far do you hit your drives? if you launch it a little low i wouldn't suggest going to a regular shaft or anything but rather a higher flexing shaft. For example, on your shaft, it should say low mid or high.  If yours is mid you may want to try high or if its low you may want to try a mid  shaft.  All of these shafts should be stiff along with the mid and high and low.

  2. Mark F

    Alex, I have/had the same issue.  I play a 909 D Comp 11.5* with a regular flex Blue graffaloy shaft.  All with the hope of getting more height on my drives.  What I have started to do the last few rounds is to make sure that I play the ball forward in my stance so that I am swinging upward as I make contact.  I had been playing the ball back so as to not top the ball but all that did was to drive the shot low.  Playing the ball forward has helped a lot (and I haven't topped it once).  So give moving the ball forward in your stance a try and see how that works.

    Mark F

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