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913 driver length

Sterling B

I am 6'4" tall and I have a 913 D2 driver. My question is, should I have it extended? And if so, should I go 1/2 " longer or a full inch and will it change the way my driver hits? 

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Sterling,  We have many tall players on the PGA, and Tours and most use a standard length of 45".  Unless you are finding that your posture is suffering because the club is too short, you are probably fine.  The choice to go longer would be personal preference, not neccessarily needed.  The longer the club, the more difficult it can be to contact squarely. Oftentimes, any gain in distance is offset by not being in the fairway. 

  2. Sterling B


      Thank you so much. I really appreciate your input and I am going to keep it the standard length. I've been hitting it decent, but a friend of mine told me that I should have it extended a half an inch because I was so tall. 

      I have one more question, Do I need to change the weight since I have a midsized grip with lots of tape to build the grip up to my hand size ?

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi,  Yes, that is possible.  Our standard grip weight is about 50 grams - say you have added another 8 grams - that would be two swingweights.  Our weights come in 4 (white), 7 (green), 9 (red), 11 (blue) and 14 (black) and each 2 grams of head weight is one swingweight.  If you have a red weight and it feels a little light, you can try an 11 or 14 gram weight.  Before you purchase the weight, you might want to go to a fitter and ask them if they will let you try the two other weights to see if that makes a difference.  If you are too far away from a fitting account and have or can get some lead tape, you can add the weight over the spot where the bezel weight is and see if you like the feel.

  4. Sterling B

    Thank you very much. This info is a huge help and I am going to my titleist fitter tomorrow and he's going to take a look at everything and let me try the heavier weights in my driver. 

  5. Chris92009

    Sterling, I am 6'-5" tall and build up my grip with 4 wraps of tape.  That being said, I use a std length driver of 45" (albeit in the old days standard length was 43") so in a way compared to the old days the current length is 2 inches longer regardless!  Also, I do add weight to the head to bring the swingweight back to standard on my driver since I am building up my grip and essentially adding weight to that area of the club.  I purchased a weight kit so I can adjust as needed for the soleplate of the driver.

    Hope that helps!

  6. Sterling B


      Thanks for the input. I went out and bought the 11 weight and it feels a lot better. I'm hitting it about 270 and its going straight to where I aim. 

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