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913 D2 Driver


hi,im playing with a 913 D2 driver,9.5 degrees with a RIP phenom 60 shaft regular,i hit the ball far too high and have lost about 30-40 yards in distance,i have a swing speed of 84,is there another shaft that would give me a lower launch maybe in regular but a wee bit more firm at the tip,on your web site it shows you all these different shafts,but at my fighting an Edinburgh I only got to try your stocked shafts,this problem has been on going since I bought the club in januarary.

thanks kenn

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  1. Nate S

    The first and only thing to do would be to check the flex point on your shaft.  The 3 different flex points on a shaft are high, mid, and low.  If your driver has a flex point of high (you will see the word high after the flex and weight of your shaft) then you may want to consider getting a low or mid flex point shaft.  this will lower your height and gain back a few of those lost yards.

  2. KENNY W

    hi Nate s,

    I have the club in front of me all it says on the shaft isPhenom 60.4.2.Regular,there is no high,mid or low on the shaft,i believe it is mid,what other shafts in regular would you recommend.

    thanks kenny

  3. Don O

    If you have access to all the stock shafts, try a Diamana D+ White 62 in regular.  It is unusual for an 84 mph driver head speed to have a problem with too much launch angle, especially with a 9.5.  Most fitters will have the Bassara close at hand for someone in that range - only because help with a higher launch is necessary.  The other adjustment you can try is adjusting the head back to 8.75 from 9.5 degrees to see if that changes anything. 

    There are numerous swing faults that may also be in play.  Hitting the ball too high on the sweet spot (check with some compression tape to see where you are striking) is one.  Releasing lag too early will add loft to the club head.  Holding lag will reduce the loft and increase the head speed when the lag is releasing through the ball.  Not sure if these apply to you, but they are starting points.

    If you have a fitter that can recheck you outside, a good one will offer to fix the problems - including swing faults if they contribute.

  4. KENNY W

    hi don o,

    I have been fitted twice for this driver,the first fitter said to set it at D.2 the same as you are suggesting that's 8.75,the second fitter set at A.3 that's 11 degrees,i just feel there is not enough kick from the shaft,im going to make an appointment soon to go to kings acre again to see the fitter there again,i have looked at your web site and identified about 7 or 8 shafts,they are voodoo nv6&7,voodoo vs56&57,prolaunch red,ozik hd6 and devotion 6&7,what one of these shafts would give me a low / mid penetrating ball flight with less spin,

    thanks Kenny w


  5. David Browning

    The Prolaunch Red and Oban shafts are nice. The next time you go to see your fitter, talk to them about tipping options. You listed your swing speed. Do you remember what your spin, launch angle, ball speed, etc., were from before?
  6. AC RixRox

    Ok, Just my $ .02 worth. What I see here IMHO is a mismatch of ball striker, club head, loft and shaft.


    We all strike differently. That said, I would seriously recommend running your Driver combo choices past your Best PGA Pro and get his technical opinion..

    You don't provide the whole story but that's ok your Pro will fill you in on all that when he / she gets you on the monitor. Your spin rpms and vertical launch angle are also critical to club loft and shaft selections.

    The D2 is a tough club to swing. For me it's like swinging a bathtub but I am getting used to it. I swing a 913 D2 with Diamana 'ilima r flex 91MPH club speed. I carry 260 + yds on AVG 


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