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913D3 - Dialing it in

Chris B

Best Driver Ive ever owned

To the range I went last night to the range with several buckets, laser range finder, and alignment sticks, my next trip is to the LM.

When i bought the 913d3, was on the fence with 9.5* or 8.5*, So i went through the settings, set 10 balls aside for broad brush test, narrowed it down, 10 more each, like clearing your platelet when wine tasting, i hit some wedges in between.

Got it down to the following - best results where for the following D1,A1,D4 - the other settings where not terrible either, but these where the most consistent.  

What shocked me was D4, or *.75 closed was the MOST consistent.  The caveat here is I hover the club at address, so when I compare how I hold this club vs it sitting on the ground is vastly different, I can tell im holding it open, but when it sits on D4 on the ground it looks very CLOSED to my eye.  The performance a little perplexing, flight, about the same between D1 and D4, but when the ball hit, it certainly didn't roll as much on D4.  With D4 nothing went right all shots where a draw or straight and I was MORE accurate, and Im no touring pro so when I tried to step on it, it went very left.   the Ball seemed like it had more spin on it with D4 setting, or I could have been hitting down on it vs up.

With this said, it looks like I am manipulating the face open bc I don't sole the driver with the closed D4 setting, but still getting some additional loft.  Need to get on the LM and confirm, but maybe a 9.5 at the D1 would be the best performer for me -OR WOULD it not make a difference because I do not sole the club.    Less Im interpreting the setting incorrectly, with the 8.5* D4 its  9* and I am holding it open some.

Would I be better with a 8.5 at D4 holding it open at address or a 9.5 D1 - or does it not make any difference b.c I hover the club?

OR I could be totally wrong about the whole thing

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