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Aaron M

I have a 910 D3 and a 913 D3 8.5 with the stock diamina shaft for each. I was fitted for the 910 but won the 913 in a raffle. I prefer the feel of the 913 but seem to be more consistent with the 910...

My question is this... I've seen that the 913 D2 is more forgivable with similar flight to the 913 D3, which is lower than my 910.

Should I trade for a higher lofted 913? Like a 9.5 instead of sticking with the 8.5? Or... swap to the D2 for forgiveness?

I know, lots of questions here but we really do not have a good fitter close by.


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  1. AC RixRox

    I am working the same issue. My 910D3 10.5* is a consistant striker. My 913D2 12* same Shaft, is not consistant. My launch angle and spins are better with the D2 but my ball control is inconsistant. Maybe swing issues but they go away when I swing theD3.

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