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913D3 Shaft length change vs swing weight

Patrick M

I need to shorten my 62g Diamana regular flex factory shaft on my new D3.  I am 5' 7" senior golfer with 32.5" measurement from wrist to floor.  Should I change swing weight?  Everything else about shaft and head are standard from Titleist currently. I see where recommended butt cut should be .5" but i am thinking of going down to 44".

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  1. Patrick M

    I neglected to add above my driver swing speed is in 80's and i like the feel of my new D3 except for shaft length.

  2. Patrick M

    Please respond.   I think contact on clubface would be more consistent with slightly shorter shaft, but am uncertain about overall setup of club.  I am hitting the D3 well.

  3. Ruben A

    Each 1/2 inch of shaft reduction equals about 3 swing weight points.  Every swing weight point will take 2 grams of club head weight to get back.  So you are looking at 6 grams in the head to shorten the shaft 1/2 inch and keep the same swing weight.  Swing weight is about feel though and you might be ok with just trimming. Trim it and see and then add lead tape until you like it.  Once you are happy, weigh the tape and get the right weight for your club.

  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Patrick,  Ruben is correct - swingweight is all about feel and you might be happy with the feel of the club after it is trimmed.  The heaviest weight we carry for a 913 is 14 grams and if you purchased a driver "off the shaft", it might be a red 9 gram weight currently in the head, so to get it close to the same swingweight, you would want to add the 14 gram weight which you can purchase through any Titleist pro shop or retailer.  They will probably not have it in stock, but can place the order and it will ship in about 2 days.  Most shops do not carry any extra weights as we will build to swingweight (within tolerance) and length without upcharge.

    We tip trim for flex and butt cut for length, so we don't have any recommended butt cut length.  In the case of a Diamana plus, we don't trim the tip at all and all cuts were done from the butt end.

  5. Patrick M

    Thanks, much appreciate the info!

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