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Setting up a 9.5* 913 D3 to play similar to a 10.5* 910 D3?

george t

The past month I’ve been swinging the 910 very well, but I couldn’t resist the urge to pick up a 913 D3 with my pro shop credit (okay, maybe I didn’t fight the urge that hard).

I played the 910 at the C3 setting, and that’s where I will start out using the 913.  I’m just curious how close a 9.5o 913 D3 set to B3 would play compared to a 10.5o 910 D3 set at C3?  Both clubs have the same RIP 60 alpha shaft, which was a great fit for me with the 910.


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  1. Cameron D


    The difference being that the 9.5* 913 D3 set to B3 will play to 11* (effective face angle of 1.5* closed) and the 10.5* 910 set to C3 will play to 11.25* (effective face angle of .5* closed).  The 913 is going to play more forgiving and offer less spin then the 910.  



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