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Shaft Recommendations for 913D2 - 8.5 degree

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By way of background, been playing the 913 D2 (8.5 deg) for about 9 monts.  Play the S+ 73x shaft, and after much tinkering get the most consistent results on the A1 setting.  Swingspeed around 105 - 107.  I am a 1.5 handicap.  Originally was fit by a titleist certified fitter.  But, I did change out the stock red weight in favor of the green weight.  Just feels better to me.

For what its worth, I do tend to get even better results on the A1 setting with the red sole weight, but I just can't control it. Miss is a big hard hook that seems to show up out of nowhere. I recognize some might be skeptical, but after extensive testing with the green and red weights, I have more control with the green. Though, I have no idea why that would be.

All in all, I love the performance of this club, and most of the time I get great results.  Problem is, I really don't like the "feel" of the S+ shaft.  Seems a little, well, harsh.  Also, it tends to be very inconsistent.  Probably me, but it is what it is.

I am scheduled for another fitting to try out some different shafts.  But I like to be an informed consumer.  So what I am looking for are some suggestions for alternative shafts which would have similar performance, ie lauch angle and spin, to the S+ I currently game.  In a perfect world, the new shaft would also launch a little flatter (not lower). 

Suggestions?  And, thank you in advance.

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  1. Cameron D

    Glad to hear you are working with a certified Club Fitter!  Since they will be able to put you on a launch monitor and see your ball flight in person, they will be your best source for analysis.  It sounds like you could look to try a shaft that has a similar launch, but slightly higher torque.  One option would be to try the same shaft in the 62 version.  This is a slightly lighter shaft and has a higher torque, which may help with the harsh feeling.  The green weight is 7g, which is 2g lighter then the standard 9g red weight.  This is strictly a swing weight component and will only play into the overall feel of the club.  Consider working with the different weights if you change the weight or length of the shafts you use.  

    Hopefully this gives you a good starting point for your next fitting.



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