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AP2 714 Loft


I'm a competitive senior golfer and am looking forward to ordering a set of new AP2's as soon as possible.

This will be my second set of AP2's and I love the workability of my current set.

My question has to do with ordering them 1-2 degrees stronger as I feel they are somewhat weaker than many popular competitors.

What do you recomend.


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  1. Don O

    You can get the loft adjusted up to 2 degrees, but then you'd need to recheck your gaps between wedges and irons and metal woods and irons.  Controlling approach shots is more than just using a 6 iron instead of a 5.

    As a senior, the sad truth is I'm better served by controlling my irons, staying in the fairways, and adding hybrids in place of long irons.  Decreasing loft will just have me add a 5 hybrid in place of a 5 iron.  I already wasn't able to give 4 iron shots enough loft.  I doubt in the next 5 years my swing speed is going to go up.

  2. Ruben A

    They probably are a degree or two (or three!) weaker than competitor clubs.  miz MP-54 PW = 46.  Current AP2 is 47, png G20 is 45!!!.  When you place your order, you will be able to adjust lofts +/- 2 degrees (assuming new ap2's have the same specs as the 712's).

    SOAPBOX:  I do think it is a mistake to strengthen lofts because other manufacturers are doing it.  Lofts have been getting stronger over the years in an attempt to make it look like we are hitting the ball farther with the same club.  The reality is we are hitting the ball farther, but we are now using a 9 iron, but it's labeled as a PW.  For an example, the DCI 962 PW from the 1990's was 48* of loft.  Compare that with the current png G20 PW @ 45* which would have been considered a 9 iron back in the day.  I appreciate Titleist's reluctance/avoidance to strengthening lofts.

    The key for you is to determine how to get these new AP2's to fit in the bag in a cohesive way with the clubs above and below them.  If you have a 51* gap wedge that you love, then you are probably# going to want your PW to be 47* (right where the current AP2 is).  The same is true at the top end (although 3* gaps are more the norm from 5 iron to 3 iron).   If you have a 4 hybrid @ 24*, that should fit quite nicely with the AP2 5 iron @ 27*.  Obviously, you can also adjust the wedges and hybrids and leave the irons alone.  It really depends on your set and if you love how your wedges are set up.  For example, I love my irons and my 56* wedge, so I weakened my gap wedge a degree to get it to fit between the PW and SW.  It also had the added benefit of adding more bounce which I needed.

    # - I say probably because using 4* gaps is one way to do this.  Because of variations in launch based on heads, shafts and swing efficiency, the best way is to get fitted with the new ap2s along side your current wedges and hybrids to get you to the right gap.  It may or may not be 4*.

  3. Mike C

    As Don indicates, you can bend them up to 2 degrees.  In addition, Titleist made the lofts on the 6 iron and shorter 1 degree stronger for the 714 AP2s.  See the comparison below.

      712 Loft 714 Loft
    4 Iron 24° 24°
    5 Iron 27° 27°
    6 Iron 31° 30°
    7 Iron 35° 34°
    8 Iron 39° 38°
    9 Iron 43° 42°
    P 47° 46°
    W 51° 50°
  4. Gary

    Good advice!

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