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Fittingworks Tour Van

Mike C

The Titleist Fittingworks Tour Van was at our club last week and I had an opportunity to get fit for the new 714 AP2s.  Had a great experience being fit by Glen and can't wait until the AP2s are available to ship!!  Very minor tweak from my current 712 AP2 setup... I guess I have to stick with what works! 

Last time I was fit at the Fittingworks Tour Van they were able to make up the clubs on the spot to my specifications.  It was really cool to see the workshop in the van and at then end of the day, walk away with my clubs.  Since the 714 AP2s are not released yet, they could not build them up on the spot, but I did get them dialed in with Glen using the Trackman launch monitor.  Only about a month to go until they are in the bag!

I have never been to the Oceanside facility, but I can't wait until next month when I am going for the Vokey Hand Ground Experience.  I couldn't wait that long to get fit into the 714 AP2's and the Fittingworks Tour Van fitting experience was awesome (just as it has been inthe past).  I am including a picture of the Fittingworks van that was set up in the back parking lot at our club.  Amazing inside.  What an operation!  Thanks to Titleist for making these types of experiences available to us regular guys.

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  1. Elliott S


      Wow that sounds like a fantastic opportunity!  It is an awesome feeling I am sure to be treated practically like a tour player.  Enjoy the Hand Ground experience!  Let us know how it goes.



  2. Cole

    Wow that sounds awesome! You are very lucky to be fit in that van. I have personally never seen it and I am usually fit at my local golf shop. I'm sure the fitting job is 10 times better with the official titleist van though. Tell us how you like the 714's when you get them!

  3. Mike C

    It's a great experience any time you get to deal with the Titleist folks.  This is truly a top notch organization.  I figure why not go directly to the source when getting fit for your equipment, right?  I have been fortunate to have been able to do so.  Only a couple more weeks to wait for the 714's....

    If you ever have a chance to get fit with the Fittingworks Tour Van, I would certainly recommend it.  They travel around throughout the country so there may be an opportunity near your home.  I have seen some postings on this board now and then where there are open slots available for fittings.

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