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2014 Shaft options

Hal S

When will the new shafts for 2014 be listed on the web site. Getting ready to order the AP2 714s.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Hal,  All the shafts are listed in the custom book.  The standard shaft for the AP2 irons is a DYG S300, but you can change it to any of these shafts.  Please be aware that a change in shaft, length or grip may affect swingweight, but we can build to swingweight within a tolerance.   Here is the link to the custom book:

  2. Brice Waddell

    Further to Cathi's post, the Custom Club Options book is updated quarterly, with the next revision due in December.  If you have questions about specific shafts that are not currently listed, give us a call at 1-888-TITLEIST to discuss.

  3. Hal S

    Was looking at the KBS Tour R+ soft step standard length with D-2 swing weight.

  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Hal,  We do offer the R+ as well as the S+.  The difference in soft stepping the R+ instead of going with the R is that the R+ weighs 115 and the R weighs 110.  Otherwise, you are getting very close to the same flex. As far as swingweight, if you are getting the AP1 head at standard lrngth and grip, it will build the same as the stock shaft and you can request the D2 swingweight although it will come out at a standard D1, if you don't..  If you use one of the other heads, make sure you requst D2, as it will build 2 swingweights lighter in the other heads.

  5. robert t

    Is it possible to order the 714 ap2's without the shafts?

  6. Kelvin F

    Hi Brice, I just posted under club gitting and golf clubs inquiring about Aero tech Steel fiber vs my current NS Pro modus 3 set up.  I was also looking at UST recoils as a possibility through the custom program. Can you help me add some light to my question below?  FYI I wrote to Aerotech and he recommended I try the i95 beause of the closeness to weight of the i95 and soft step later.  I'm still pensive because if the i95 is indeed stiffer to flex, I would nullify all the benefits of the graphite in terms of distance and I would be better off with my modus  Can I special order UST Recoils currently? 


    I currently game 712 MBs with NS Pro Modus 3 in R flex.  Previously I was using 710 AP2 in NS Pro 1050 flex R.  I am interested in trying out Aerotech Steel fiber shafts but don’t know if the i95 is suitable for my style. 

    FYI my game style I am a swinger with a smooth tempo and I like to feel the club head.   My current 712 MB with modus 3 is a D2 SW up to 9.  The PW is a D4.  I typically shoot between 80-85 but family commitments have reduced my golf time and I like to try graphite shafts for the extra zip especially on the long approaches.

    Previously I have tried to play NS PRO 950 in R flex (SW D1) (MP 59s, MP 53, 710 AP2, TM TP irons previously) but these always feel to light for me somehow.  If I increase the swing weight then my wrist seems to always break at the top and I lose clubhead feel. 

    I like the current modus 3 set up but would like to get more distance (especially on the mid and long irons) but not sacrifice the consistency and feel.  I had previously used NS Pro 1050 on my 710 AP2 (reshafted) and decided to try the modus 3 without even trying the clubs.  I had little problems adapting to the new set...whew : )

    Now...I am thinking of custom ordering the new 714 AP2 with Steelfiber from Titleist but they only carry Steel fiber i95 in flex R.  

     I have few questions for you:

    1) I would appear from what I’ve read on the forums that Steel fiber i95 in R play above flex. IS this true?

    2) Does steel fiber play more like TT Gold versus the smooth release of NS Pro?

     3) Do you need a lot of effort to load these shafts?  From a GEA forum, it is quoted that i95 flex R is equivalent to almost a rifle 6.0 FCM?  Is this true?

    4) Is there a steel fiber which comes close to NS Pro 1050 or Modus 3 flex R in feel…but with added benefits of a graphite…in distance?  Does the answer lie with the 70 or 80 gram models?

    5) If indeed the i95 is too stiff, can I spec the i80 flex R or UST recoil prototype F3 flex R from Titleist?  I like the low profile paintjobs on both these shafts.  Also I hear these are both best in class for their categories.  Would a D2 sw in these puppies be possible?

    7) Any other suggestions? 

    Appreciate your comments…Kelvin


  7. Chris92009

    Kelvin, all great questions...I am the same way in analyzing my shafts...I would have you consider a fitting session with an advanced Titleist Club Fitter and have them bring these shafts for your fitting...might make things positioned for a better outcome for you given the variables you asked.... IMHO

  8. don s

    looking at some new irons. Does Titleist have any any plans of adding the KBS  Taper Lites as an option for its irons?

  9. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    You can order the C Taper lites as an "off menu" shaft.  That means that although we don't have a part number, we will order that shaft for you - we just ask that you don't make any changes or cancel the order once it has been placed. 

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