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Fitting Day

rich b

I did a search and did not see an answer so please excuse me if this has been asked (many times) before.  "Fitting Day" coming up here in El Paso.  Do you have to buy or place an order there on the spot?  I would really like a fitting, but probably will not have the cash for a few months so I would still like to participate.  My last fitting with a "local pro" was pathetic and I relish the chance to work with a real professional and who knows when Titleist will be back here in the southwest desert.   Thanks!


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  1. Cameron D


    No, you aren't obligated to make any purchase on the day of the fitting.  Sometimes the course will offer special prices on those event days, but that doesn't mean you need to make the purchase the day of the fitting.  They are free fittings designed to help you find the right golf clubs for your game.



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