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Forgiving vs Feel


I'm currently playing the AP1's and have learned to hit them well. My only gripe is they feel squishy and un-workable. I hit the MB's at a local course last weekend and they felt great. The ability to control the shots was amazing. Is it possible an 11 handicap is ready for a set of MB's? Would it be a mistake to get MB's rather than the AP2's?

Thanks for thoughts!

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  1. Cameron D

    If your ball striking and consistency are manageable with the 714 MB, then you can certainly play them.  Know that a majority of the players playing these irons have low single digit handicaps, but that doesn't necessarily mean you could not play them.  If you are looking for a little more forgiveness with a workability option, I would recommend trying the 714 AP2.  This is a forged iron that is much more forgiving then the MB, but will be a more workable option then the AP1.



  2. carmellom

    How much less workable are the AP2's than the MB's?

  3. Luke W

    i have 690 mb and im probably a 7 or 8 handicap i dont keep one but i think i am going to try next year. but i love blades they really make you have great ball striking and distance control and ability to hit knockdowns and control distances really well. i say go for it!

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