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Steel Fibers for my custom 714 AP2? Are they too stiff relative to NS PRO modus 3?

Kelvin F

Dear Titleist Concierge or any others in the know...

Hi, I previously posted under golf clubs but I guess it is more appropriate under this tread...

 I currently game 712 MBs with NS Pro Modus 3 in R flex. Previously I was using 710 AP2 in NS Pro 1050 flex R. I am interested in trying out Aerotech Steel fiber shafts but don’t know if the i95 is suitable for my style.

FYI my game style I am a swinger with a smooth tempo and I like to feel the club head. My current 712 MB with modus 3 is a D2 SW up to 9. The PW is a D4.  I typically shoot between 80-85 but 2 infant sons have reduced my golf time and I like to try graphite shafts for the extra zip especially on the long approaches.

Previously I have tried to play NS PRO 950 in R flex (SW D1) (MP 59s, MP 53, 710 AP2, TM TP irons previously) but these always feel to light for me somehow.  If I increase the swing weight then my wrist seems to always break at the top and I lose clubhead feel.  I have always liked a heavier stable feel on all my clubs despite my slower rythym. 

I like the current modus 3 set up but would like to get more distance (especially on the mid and long irons) but not sacrifice the consistency and feel. I had previously used NS Pro 1050 on my 710 AP2 (reshafted) and decided to try the modus 3 without even trying the clubs. I had little problems adapting to the new set...whew : )

Now...I am thinking of custom ordering the new 714 AP2 with Steelfiber from Titleist but they only carry Steel fiber i95 in flex R.

I have few questions for you:

1) I would appear from what I’ve read on the forums that Steel fiber i95 in R play above flex. IS this true?

2) Does steel fiber play more like TT Gold versus the smooth release of NS Pro?

3) Do you need a lot of effort to load these shafts? From a GEA forum, it is quoted that i95 flex R is equivalent to almost a rifle 6.0 FCM? Is this true?

4) Is there a steel fiber which comes close to NS Pro 1050 or Modus 3 flex R in feel…but with added benefits of a graphite…in distance? Does the answer lie with the 70 or 80 gram models?

5) If indeed the i95 is too stiff, can I spec the i80 flex R or UST recoil prototype F3 flex R from Titleist? I like the low profile paintjobs on both these shafts. Also I hear these are both best in class for their categories. Would a D2 sw in these puppies be possible?

7) Any other suggestions?  Anyone had experience with the recoils?  Should I just stick to my modus 3 "R" flex if there are no equivalents?

Appreciate your comments… Kelvin

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Kelvin,

    First, with all your questions, we would recommend a good fitter in your area to help you dial in the right shaft and head.  Just let us know where you are located or call us at 1-888-TITLEIST and we can help you find one in your area.

    1.  Steelfiber does not play stiffer in flex.  But, feel is a relative term - a stiff DYG S300 is going to feel stiffer than most graphite shafts even if they are the same flex. 

    2. It is probably closer to the NS pro in feel.

    3.  No we have not seen that

    4.  The 105T is a mid high launching 113 gram shaft, the Modus 3 is mid low launching although same weight at 114 grams.  In our robot test, both Aerotechs launched about the same as the Modus 3.  We don't offer any other lighterweight Aerotech shafts other than the i95 or the i110.  When you get fit, if you are looking for graphite, you might want to try our new Kurokage graphite shaft.  It is a low balanced shaft so you should be able to feel the head.  It will swingweight out heavier than the Aerotechs even though they weigh more.

    5. We don't offer any of these shafts in our custom matrix.  The Recoils have not quite finished testing and if/when they pass, they may be offered as a "off menu" shaft, which means we would be able to order it, but we ask that once the order has been placed, you don't cancel or try to make any changes to the order.

  2. Kelvin F

    Hi Cathi,

    Aren't the Kurokage 65g shafts?  I'm afraid they would be too light and hence feel much different from the modus 3 I currently use.

    Can I order the i95 regular "soft stepped"?  

    I have the impression from most forums that the i95 plays really stiff.  A tour pro is using the i95 S?  I doubt he would be able to control the NS Pro 950 S which is equivalent to the i95 in weight class.

    This is my impression and hence presumption that the i95 will play plenty stiff compared to the equivalent NS Pro weight class.

    I actually feel the 950 S is stiffer than the 120 modus R if you ask me...I was fitted for NS pro 950 S by the Titleist fitter in Thailand but I still prefer the 120 modus 3 flex R.  I guess it is a matter of feel.  

    Hence my confidence in fitting is not really at an all time high....especially in Thailand.

    Can you let me know when you expect the Recoils to be on the off-menu list?  Also, have you soft-stepped the I95 R before?  Can I order them soft stepped or double soft stepped?



  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Kelvin,  Yes, you can have the Aerotech i95 regular flex soft stepped if you like.  We cannot order them double soft stepped unless you are ordering a 4 iron as your longest club.  The players that have tried that shaft have not found the Aerotech to play stiffer than flex and although we show on a robot that it flies mid-low, we have seen it fly fairly high depending on the player.

    We have not had a request to soft step the Aerotech regular flex irons yet, but it can be requested. 



  4. lou t

    Kevin, I have the 110 R Steelfibers in my ZB irons. I think they play similar to an S300. Too me they are too stiff, but the ball flight is not as low as you would think. It is a very nice medium boring ball flight but because they are stiff for my swing the distance loss is too great.
  5. Chris92009

    Kevin, you may wish to schedule a visit to oceanside Titleist Fitting Facility to have this all looked at...too many variables to guess at if you want it done right....IMHO

  6. George L

    Not sure about NS shafts, but the i95 Aerotech in Stiff is more stiff than dynamic gold x100, in my opinion; and the i95 feels more like steel than graphite as the inner core is graphite and the outer layer is steel fibers.  The UST recoil shaft that I tried with cally Apex irons feel very much like traditional graphite and very easy to load in regular.

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