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Anyone Try the New 714 Ap's Yet??

Brian B

Just wanted to get some stories on what everyone that has been able to try them thinks. I have a fitting scheduled for the Ap 2 but up here in Idaho were a little behind the times on getting product.. :-).

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  1. Sterling B

    I didn't hit the ap2's but I did hit the ap1's and I am definitely getting them as soon as the become available. 

  2. Kasey Y

    I went and was fitted last week in Oceanside. I hit the new AP2's, MB's, and CB's. They are all great. I am ordering my AP2 714's tomorrow actually!


  3. Speedy

    I have the AP1's 714, was very lucky and blessed to get a set early.  A lot of that goes to Team Titleist, can't thank them enough for what they did for me. 

    To start I'm a 12.5 handicap and had a set of the AP1's 712.  I got fitted by Titleist (which i had done this before) so they recommended a lighter steel shaft for me to get better numbers on my ball flight, club speed and distance.   I've played 3 rounds so far with the new irons and the only thing i need to get used to is the lighter shaft.   I can tell you the look of the new AP1's 714 is a lot better than the 712, IMO.   I also love the forgiveness and sweet spot on the AP1's 714, i was really impressed.  I seem to be hitting the sweet spot a lot more often.  

    I really can't think of anything bad to say about the new irons, i really can't.  I have a feeling this could be a top seller this year, i really do. 

  4. Tyler H

    I have ordered my set of AP's and expect them early November.  We had a fitting event at my course back in September.

  5. Ehlee81

    I got to hit the new AP2s at a nearby golf galaxy and wow! Great looking irons and I was just amazed how easy it was to hit. Definitely forgiving players irons.  Just waiting for November to get here so I can take my own out on the course!

  6. Jimmy S

    I play miz 825 and looking to move to AP2 ......I'm a 11 hdcp and the look is really to my likeing, is this is good choice for me? And any suggestions for shafts as a fitting center is not close to me.     My club head speed is 97, ball speed is 152, launch angle is 11 degree, and my 150 yard club is an 8 iron and my driver distance is 255-260 with roll...   

  7. bigearnucsd

    Lucky!!! I got fitted in oceanside and ordered 2 weeks ago and i was hoping to be lucky like you but still waiting.  i've waited 6~7 years to get the new set of irons so i think i can handle another 2~3 weeks.  714 AP2s don't have different colors to choose from, it doesn't have little spacing on its sole, it doesn't promise extra distance (some others have been promising extra distance for years now, so if i use their latest, i should be hitting my 7 iron over 200 yards) but i still think 714s are the best looking best performing irons out in the market.

  8. Clifford M

    Hit the AP2's today.  Tried 6 different shafts and the Aerotech steelfiber 95 is the real deal.  My teacher/fitter is a Titleist guy and had me run through the different shafts.  The turf interaction with the 714's is amazing.  (we went out into the rough and they are great out of bad lies).  I wound up ordering them today.  He was telling me that apparently this particular combination of the new 714 head and these steelfiber shafts are getting A LOT of buzz everywhere they get put together.  Tour, country clubs, golf super stores, basically anywhere with a fitting cart and the new 714 heads and shafts that can be changed out.  If you get the chance, don't miss an opportunity to hit the 714 and if you can get the steelfiber in them; please repost and let us know what you think.

  9. Stephen S

    This weekend I got the opportunity to demo the 714 AP2s with KBS Tour C-taper shafts and the result was better than expected! The feel of these irons is second to none, even better than my current miz MP-53s, in my opinion.  The flight of the 6 iron I was hitting was a nice high penetrating flight that really suited my eye. I liked the club so much that I scheduled a fitting for a couple of weeks, and hopefully will get to order a set as an Xmas present.  Can't wait for my fitting and to get these babies in my bag! They are sweet! Titleist proved once again why they are the best in the business.

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