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Spin Rate...launch!

Jeff R

Hello, I have the 913D3 with the blue mitsubishi diamana reg flex shaft.  swing speed on average--97 mph.  setting is D3

I went to PGA superstore and my launch angle and spin is way too high.  Don't want to buy another driver.  what can i do??

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  1. Ruben A

    It's hard to give you any specific advice without some specific #'s from the launch monitor.  Can you provide the actual launch angle, spin and azimuth?  Can you also provide the loft of the driver?

    Off the top of my head, I have a very similar swing speed and I use the Blue Diamana stiff shaft.  So a regular shaft may be contributing to the spin and launch.

    Also, a setting of D3 (assuming you are right handed) INCREASES loft.  You may want to try D2 (or A3 if you're a leftie).

    Assuming you don't have too much loft in the head, I'm pretty sure you can purchase just a new shaft from a Titleist Dealer.  If you need to reduce loft to get the launch and spin down, you will need to purchase a new driver.

  2. Matt B

    Way too high??? don't know the specifics of your swing, you may want to try the stock Diamana D+ shaft, 62 stiff or 72 stiff. The store should have a demo with your head and the diamana D+ 72 shaft to test. It will surely lower both launch & spin numbers compared to the blue shaft your currently using. I think the Diamana website has this stiff flex fitting at 92 - 105 mph swing speed. If the shaft works then have them order just the shaft only for you from Titleist.

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