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mb's or cb's

Jacob I

Hello, My name is Jacob Inukai. I am a low handicap about a plus 2. I am going to play college golf next fall and I am looking for a new set of irons. My father is a low handicap and says to use the cb. I like the cb but love the look of the mb. I have a high ball flight and hit my irons flush most times and love to work the ball. I need help deciding which irons to choose.

   Thank you , Jacob inukai

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  1. Cameron D


    Both offer maximum work ability and feel.  Know that each iron can be ordered individually, so you could consider making it a split set if you want the added forgiveness in the longer irons (ie 3-5 CB and 6-P MB).  Visiting a local Club Fitter will help to determine what iron provides the most consistency for your game.    



  2. tyler s

    Jacob my name is Tyler and I am the same handicap as you and am a junior in high school a year ago i went to the mb and it was the best decision i have ever made you can work the ball any which way you want to with them

  3. Matt B

    As a plus handicapper you know your game better than anyone, and your typical misses. Going to play college golf you will be practicing on a regular basis, I think you play what you like & enjoy, you could always add something like the 712U irons, AP2 or cb's if you need more help in the longer clubs.

     I enjoy the increased shot feedback the MB's give,  I can tell exactly where I hit it at the moment of contact, even when it looks good in the air,  its kind of like having a swing coach with me all the time by helping me to groove my swing to that solid feel. MB blades are more forgiving today than the ones in the past, todays grinds tend to have a lower COG than the older model blades.





  4. Tony C

    When I was your age (about 2 years ago) I thought it would be a good idea to purchase the 710 cb for the forgiveness. The forgiveness in the cb's was too much for me so I will soon be upgrading to the 714 mb's shortly.

    Tony C

  5. Nick F

    Jacob the MBs are slightly harder to hit flush constantly than the CBs are but both are great choices and if you go with the MBs it can only make you better whether thats helping you hit it closer or you working with the new irons to hit it better. Hope this helps. 

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