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Shaft Selection

santiago m

Hi Team Titleist,

I'm an Italian golf pro and I've some doubts regarding the selection of the correct golf club in relation with the speed of the swing.

Since I don't use modern technologies such as trackman, flightscope or high speed cameras I would like to know how can I suggest the right club to mu pupils. In my golf culture I have been taught that the more speed of the club at impact and distance of the ball the more the club must be stiff. In my personal experience I noticed that actually, the flexibility of the shaft should be more in relation with the speed of the change of direction at the top of the backswing (rhythm) and with the length of the swing.

Am I wrong? Is there any scientific study about it?

Thank you and Best Regards


P.s. Sorry for my English

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  1. steve b

    Santiago,  My compliments to you for seeking more knowledge and being aware that there is more to fitting a shaft than just speed.  First of all if you have access to a Titleist fitting manual it has great information in there.  Look under the tab for iron fitting and you will find a chart to explain this.  Even tho this chart is very easy to use there are many years and dollars of research in this info.  
       What you were refering to is what we might call "loading the shaft"  - and for the most part this happens in the transition from the top.  So if you have a very fast load ( regardless of speed) a player might benefit from a heavy or stiffer shaft. example -- a senior player with around 75 mph club head speed ( six iron) but a short backswing.  Not a great amount of speed but he got it in a very short backswing.  If he were to play with a shaft based on just speed he would have some control problems.  This chart I refered to would help you match up the speed with the tempo / load and that player may need a regular flex shaft , not a senior.

      If you cannot find a Titleist fitting manual let me know and I can maybe get the Titleist custom fitting department to email the chart to you.  my email is ball  I have been a consultant to their fitting efforts for 20 years and I am a PGA Master Professional.  I'll be happy to help you any way I can.

    good luck

    steve ball


  2. Cameron D


    You are correct in saying that the club head speed should help dictate the flex.  Generally, a combination of club head speed, ball speed, and tempo will help to determine what flex and weight shaft you should look towards.  You will also need to consider how the launch and spin characteristics of the shaft impact your overall distance and consistency.  Some players with faster club head speeds and quicker tempos will benefit from stiffer shafts and heavier weights.  This choice will also come down to how the shaft feels to the player.  Shafts that feel too heavy or too stiff may not give the player the control they need.



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