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Swing Weight Question


So, I purchased a new 913D2 driver with a Titleist Diamana 'ilima 61 shaft  (specs below) and I would like to set it up to get it close to the swing weight of a 913D2 driver with a Titleist  Bassara W-series 50 R. Only problem is, I don't know the swing weight of either driver. I like the swing weight of the Bassara 913D2 and would like to adjust the head weight of the driver I purchased to be of a similar swing weight.

Anyone know if I can use a lighter weight in the head to reduce swing weight to get it to feel similar to the 913D2 with a Bassara 50 shaft? Do the two drivers have similar swing weights? I haven't received my new driver yet, but I'm assuming the heavier shaft will make for a heavier swing weight. Specs below!

Driver that I purchased:

Model: 913D2

Shaft: Titleist Diamana 'ilima 61 - regular flex

Shaft Weight: 58 grams

Length: 45"

Grip: Standard

Head Weight: 9 gram - red dot

Swing Weight: ????? (would like it to be a similar swing weight to the driver listed below)

Driver that I like the swing weight of

Model: 913D2

Shaft: Titleist Bassara W Series 50 - regular flex

Shaft Weight: 49 grams

Length: 45"

Grip: Standard

Head Weight: 9 gram - red dot

Swing Weight: ????


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  1. Cameron D

    The swing weight of your 913D2 with the Bassara shaft and the 9g weight is D1.  With the 'ilima shaft and that same 9g weight, the swing weight comes out to D2.  If you adjusted the bezel weight to the 7g weight (green dot), then you would get a swing weight of D1.  



  2. CPM

    Great, thanks for the info!

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