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Titleist 910 D2 Driver Series Shafts


Does anyone know if the shafts from the 910 d2 driver series fits the new 913 d2 drivers? I'm asking because i love my shaft from my 910 Motore F3  and would love to put it in the 913..

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  1. Cameron D

    Yes, the 910 and 913 driver shafts are interchangeable.  The fairway and hybrid adapters are not, but we can convert them if sent into out Repairs Department. 



  2. Don K

    Cameron,I have a totally different question for you..My 23 yr old son is starting to play more and wants to get a new used driver..He is shooting in low 100's and is 6'3 and 185lbs...I play pretty well and hit the 905R with a ProForce V2 shaft in it..Can you dispel or concur about the notion that Titleist drivers are for better players?


    My thinking here was to get my son a driver like mine but with 10.5 degrees loft and maybe a Graphite Design stiff shaft. That shaft is softer in the tip and will help him get it airborne better..He is using my other son's older TM driver  but wants one of his own. I hate to steer him to another brand of clubs,but I want what is best for him..I love my driver,but he has not hit it.and I don't know that he could. .Thoughts  please...Thanks...Don

  3. MLB12

    Perfect that's what i needed to know.

  4. Don O

    You really might want to try the 913 and hand the 905 down to him.  Naw, that may be too selfish.  Or what I would do for my youngest son on my evil days...

    Now more than ever, Titleist has drivers for every golfer.  With adjustable loft and lie, and a wide variety of stock shafts,

    You probably should find a golf show fitting for him and nail down club head speed, and maybe a couple of tips.  Rather than guess on a $250 investment.  Once you have an idea of where he is at, a 910 is a good starting point if you want used.

    I'm no single digit golfer and got a used 910 D2 with Ihana R flex (90 mph driver speed). I've toyed with the new models from 3 other companies, and have yet to get more distance or tighter dispersion with any of the latest and greatest.  The only driver that beat my 910 was a 913, and I need to try a blueboard from the 913 and see about that $150 update.  Otherwise, I can wait for the 2015's.

  5. Don O

    Don K -

    I'll assume as your son plays a little more and maybe takes a couple of lessons, his swing will change.  An adjustable driver with a shaft that can be swapped with a T-wrench is more practical than a fixed driver.  A 10.5 can be adjusted from 9.75 to 12 degrees (and a 9.5 from 8.75 to 11 degrees).  If he is a little over the top, havin a 9.5 set to 11 will close the face from 0.5 open to 1.5 closed to help with fades (only lessons help a slice). 

    That's why I'd suggest trying out even other drivers to get second opinons on launch angle and spin to try to get a general idea of angle of attack and spin to then guess on loft and flex.  The ultimate solution is a ful fitting, even for a new golfer, but for the newer golfers in the 90-100 mph driver speed, a lot of the stock options available used will work until then.

    And no better marketed driver has proven any better than my Titleist, and I'm only a commited golfer, not a better golfer.

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