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Which iron shafts to get?


I have project x 5.5 shafts in my irons. I have a driver swing speed of 120+ mph. I am ordering the 714 mb irons this winter. I want to try something other than project x. (not sure what my swing speed is with a 6 iron, but i generally hit a 6 iron 185-190 yards with my current irons) Any suggestions as to which shaft I should order considering my high swing speed?

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  1. Craig W

    We have about the same numbers, although i dont think i can get it into the 120's anymore.  I had pX 6.5's and switched to dg x100's about 10 years ago and never looked back.

    Obviously the best thing too do would be to get fit, but those 5.5's are not even close to where you should be in my opinion.

    Best of luck

  2. Philip N

    I'm sorry, but that's bs if you have a 120+ MPH swing speed, then you should be using Project X  7.0, not 5.5.

  3. Samuel C

    Hey Mark,

    WOW!! With a driver head speed of 120+ MPH and you are playing project X 5.5 shafts? What flex are you playing in your driver? 120+ MPH is tour speed and you are playing a regular flex shaft in your irons.  If you hit your 6-iron 185-190 yards, then you should be hitting at least a 6.0 if not a 6.5 flex (if you stay with project X). 

    What type of ball flight do you have? Do you like a heavier or lighter shaft?

  4. Robert D

    I recently discussed this issue with a touring pro for the exact same irons.I was fortunate enough to play with the Pro in a Pro-Am so he had an idea of my capability. I generally get the same distance as you do with my 6 iron in calm conditions and felt I required a stiffer shaft. He suggested that I stay with a S300 DG shaft (for the AP2) and mentioned that if one gets tired/fatigued then it would still be manageable. My other suggestion is to follow the link below which might give you a better idea as AP 1 and 2 come with different stock shafts. Also the shaft type affects the spin rate and launch angle. I would definitely recommend that you visit one of the Titleist fitment centres in your area.

  5. MarkSmith

    Thanks for your reply. My driver shaft and 3 wood shaft are both exta stiff. I hit the ball rather high with my current irons and I think I prefer a heavier shaft. I am going to try something other than project x. Any suggestions?

  6. MarkSmith

    I know, my irons are about 4 years old and my swing speed has gone up tremendously. Any iron shaft suggestions other than project x?



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