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Changing Club Specs

Ryan B

I received my 714 AP2 clubs with the same specs as my previous set of irons. As I live in a cold weather state, my swing may change after not hitting for a period of time. My question is, if my swing changes, is it best to take them to a shop and have them change lie/loft? Or have them sent to Titleist after hitting on a fitting board?

Thanks and my 714s sure are pretty!


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  1. chris b

    AP2's being forged are fairly easy to adjust for loft and lie .... so if you trust the golf shop or your local pro, I would think that there would be no need to send them back to Titleist.  But Titleist does back their workmanship as long as THEY do it.  So it is completely up to you.  If it was me, I would send them back just in case something goes wrong with the club.  Make sure you register the club with them as well so they have a record of it and can replace it if need be.  But you do lose time playing when you send them back ... but hey, its worth it.

    just my 2 cents 

  2. Ryan B

    Great, thanks for the advice!

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