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Same fitting specs on new AP2 irons

John N

I had a great Titleist fitting one year ago when I went to the AP2 712.  I was fitted with a custom KBS shaft and 2 degrees upright and had the lofts adjusted 1-2 degrees.  Can I order a set of new AP2 714 with same shafts and 2 degrees upright and they be the same without going through another fitting.  I love my current clubs and want the exact same thing in the new irons.  I do like the changes in the standard lofts now and thought I would just leave it standard.  But am I safe to say my specs from my last fitting will get me the same irons in new 714?



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  1. Cameron D


    There is a good chance those specs from your previous model could work in the new 714 AP2s.  Just recognize that the lofts are stronger in the shorter irons and the CG placement (lower in the long irons, higher in the shorter irons) is different in the whole set.  This may lead to needing different loft from what you originally played in the 712.  You can confirm your current specs by referencing the serial # off your 712 irons.



  2. Ryan E

    i saw this post- where can i reference my specs

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