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Just Placed My AP1 714 Custom Order -- Can't Wait!!

Potomac Golfer

Just placed my AP1 714 custom order on Nov. 14 after doing a Titleist Oceanside full-bag fitting in August, and then seeing an Advanced Fitter to try the new 714s once they came out.  

Ordered the Nippon NS 850 shaft as both fitters recommended, and after trying the stock XP95, stock Kuro Kage, and the NS Pro 970.  

Can't wait for my latest new irons to complement the fairways, hybrid and wedges that I ordered after my earlier Oceanside fitting -- go Titleist!

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  1. Tyler H

    Sounds like you went through quite a thorough fitting. I am sure you will love them as much as I love my new 714 AP2's.


  2. David Browning

    Congrats on your new additions! You'll love them! 

  3. Tom B

    I know the feeling.  They finally got me.  Just ordered mine yesterday from the Pro.  Talk about going above and beyond, he let me play his set Saturday, and again Sunday, playing with him out of his bag, and then ordered them based on those rounds and my specs for my current irons.  Hit 2 closest to pin in the sweeps over the weekend with them to help pay for them even more.  Very Happy, and my bag is now ALL Titleist, and I am very happy with the quality, performance and playability of all the Titleist products that I currently have and am using. 

  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Your pro sounds like a great guy!

  5. Potomac Golfer

    Received my AP1 714s and finally got a chance to try them on the range given cold east-coast temperatures.  I had thought that the 712s were excellent, but these were even better given:

    • a slightly lower ball-flight on the short irons -- as advertised
    • a slightly higher ball-flight on the long irons -- as advertised
    • a nice solid feeling at impact
    • better control -- in part because I changed to a lighter shaft that suits me better than the old Dynalite Gold XP.

    Go Titleist Go!

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