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Oceanside Experience

Brian D

I just wanted to congratulate Tom and Brett on being selected for the Dream fitting at the Oceanside facility.  It is certainly a once in a life time opportunity....

I was happy to make it as a finalist, maybe next year I will get my chance.

Again, Congrats to the both of you!!!


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  1. Dan H

    Congrats guys!!!!  Pretty awesome experience, have fun!!

  2. Danny A

    Congrats to Tom and Brett! Wow a great experience that will be. Have fantastic time. Look forward to reading about your time there.
  3. Steve M

    Congrats to both of them.  Hopefully, they will post about their experiences at Oceanside.



  4. Tom P

    Thanks so much for the kind words.   We are very fortunate.   













  5. Tom P

    Thank you.   We will be sure to post and tell everyone about the experience. 

  6. Tom P

    Well, Brett and I have returned from Oceanside.  The experience was better than I had imagined.  From the entrance gate when the guard let us in until the time we drove out, we were treated like tour pros.  After a brief discussion with Mike  and Joe of Team Titleist about the day's agenda, we took a tour of the facility.  Our guide was Cliff.  He explained everything and answered all our questions. Simply stated, the facility is amazing.  Each of us was assigned a fitter, mine was Steve and Brett's was Rob.  Our fittings were conducted such that we were never in the same area at the same time.  My order was wedges, irons, hybrid, driver, and fairway woods. In each case, we hit our current equipment first so they could establish some baseline data and also talk about the different attributes of that category of clubs.  I never felt rushed and a decision was never made until Steve and I both agreed and felt confident.  I did the swinging and Steve took care of the numbers.  I was amazed at how quickly he assessed my game and swing tendencies and was able to determine the correct shaft from all the available shaft-head combinations.   But, after all, these are the best fitters in the world who work with the best players in the world.  That process took about 4 hours to determine the best 13 clubs for me.   Then we both proceeded to the putting green where about 35 Scotty Cameron putters awaited us.  We putted with whatever suited us plus also got advice from our fitters there as well.   After about 45 minutes, I made a selection and my new bag of clubs was complete.  They should arrive in about 2 weeks.   Mike interviewed us under the watchful eye of cameraman Joe and our day was complete...about 6 hours total.    

    December 6, 2013 is a day that I will remember forever; and one that I wanted to last forever.  I left the Oceanside Test Facility with a lot more knowledge about club fitting and I will soon have clubs that are fitted for me and no one else.  The rest is up to me - work, practice, and play...with the best equipment available....TITLEIST.  

    (It will be my pleasure to provide additional details and answer any questions.....Thank you) 

  7. Brian D

    Please share with us what clubs you both ended up going with?  I am interested in know what type of iron, wood and shafts you decided upon as well as what wedges and degrees of wedges along with what SC putter you each selected.  What a great experience for the both of you, again, Congrats!!!

  8. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    It's great to hear that you and Brett enjoyed your fitting and learned a little about club fitting at the same time!  It's such a nice setting to hit balls and the wedge area is definitely fun.

  9. Steve N

    Sounds like a great trip.  What is the retail value of this fitting? $5,000?

  10. Tom P

    Here's my new bag:  913D2 10.5 driver w/Graphite Design AD Tour GT7 stiff shaft, 913F 15 and 19 fairway woods w/Graphite Design AD Tour GT8 stiff shaft, 913H 21 hybrid w/Aldila RIP Phenom 80 stiff shaft; all B2 setting.  714 AP2 irons 4 - PW w/KBS tour stiff shafts standard lies and lofts.  52 TVD wedge bent to 51, 8 degrees bounce .   56 K wedge, 12 degrees bounce.  Both wedges with wedge flex shaft, standard lie.  Futura X Dual Balance putter 38 inches. 

    Brett will respond about his new bag. 

  11. BRETT L

    Here's Brett's Bag: I'm Left-Handed.  Titleist 913D2 10.5 driver w/Aldila RIP Phenom 70 Stiff-C4 Setting, 913F 17 w/Aldila RIP Phenom 80 Stiff-C4 Setting,  913F 19 w/Aldila RIP Phenom 80 Stiff-C1 Setting. 714 AP2 Irons 4-W Dynamic Gold S-300 Standard Lie, 4 & 5 are standard Loft, 6-W are 1 degree weak). Wedges are: 56 SM4-11 degrees bounce, and 60K-10 degrees bounce-Standard Lie and Loft on both. Putter-Del Mar-34 Inches.

    Tom and I both play the ProV1, and nothing else.

  12. Chris92009

    Sounds like both your bags are going to look pretty good once the clubs are in your hands!  (if they are not already! LOL)

  13. Mike C

    You guys are certainly set up right going into the new year! Congratulations and enjoy the new Titleist gear. Just think about all of the strokes you are going to save in 2014!

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