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Mixing new AP1 714s with my AP2 712s questions

Doug E

I am presently a 9 hdcp mostly because my short game is good and I keep the ball in play. Not because I can hit GIRs most of the time. (6 or 7 is average for me.)  My short iron play is good. Only marginal with the longer ones. I currently have AP2 712s from 4-PW (of which I was fitted for), however, I have been having some trouble with getting the max out of the longer irons. Sweet spot contact has not been as consistent of late. Maybe it's age (58). I benched the 4i and put in a hybrid which has worked out pretty well. I then, for experimental purposes, got my hands on an AP1 712 5 iron and 6 iron, which were not fit for me (as my AP2s were). They are stock specs, bought used off of Ebay. I put them in the bag and took out the AP2 5 and 6 iron and have had pretty good results with them for the most part.  Good enough results that  I've decided to replace those two stock AP1 712s with the new AP1 714s after reading all the great reviews, not only here, but all over the web. I don't think I have read one single negative review. Since I like the 712s I bought on Ebay, I'm sure I'll love the new 714s.

In any case, I am happy with the custom fit of my AP2 712s which I got the day they were launched in Nov. 2010. Do you think it is necessary to be refit for the two (or three) new AP1 714s I am going to order? I was just going to order the same specs (1* up, 1/4" short, reg shafts) as my AP2 712s.

Also, I was wondering what benefit (or negative) there might be to using the Kuro Kage graphite stock shaft or should I stick with the new XP95 so the shafts are closer to what I am playing in my AP2s?  (Dynalite XL? I think.) Sure could use an extra few yards in the longer irons. Now that I'm 58, using graphite shafts won't be so bad, particularly since it would only be a few shafts, not all of them.  I figure if I can play hybrids with graphite, and like the way they feel, why wouldn't I like them in a 5 and 6 iron? I assume either the Kuro Kage or the XP95 will be a higher launch than the XLs in my AP2s. But, will one give me more distance than the other? That is the magic answer I'm looking for.

Finally,  if I place the order through my pro shop next week, what is a realistic time frame for delivery? I realize it's a busy time of year. Not rushing, just want to have an idea.  Thanks.

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  1. Doug E

    OOps. Edit  above: I meant Dynalite XP, not XL(in my AP2 712s).

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