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Wedge Fitting

Dan H

When getting fit for new wedges, do all fitters have TVD options to test or do you have to go to Oceanside with Bob Vokey to try all the different type of wedges?  I had my 54 deg stolen at an outing this summer and need to replace my 50 and 60 while I'm at it.  I've tried TVD wedges with a buddy but only time I've been able to try them.  SM4 is all I see in stores to try.  Any suggestions, thanks.  

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Since the TVD wedges are limited edition wedges, the only fitters (that we know for sure) that have them are the 2 Tour facilites, the 3 Performance Vans and the 4 regional facilities.  Other Advanced or cart fitters may have them as personal wedges or may have custom ordered them for demos, but you would have to contact the indifvidual fitter to confirm.

  2. tdogg21

    When I went to a fitting day, SM4s were the only wedges.  I would guess finding TVDs to test are going to be really hit or miss.

  3. Dan H

    Thanks Cathi & tdogg, 

    Thanks for the insight.  I talked with Danny Ackerman @ Longaberger this fall and he said I should contact the pro at Scioto Country Club that they have a pretty good setup for fittings.  Looks like the nearest Regional Fitting to Columbus, OH is near Detroit.  I will call them both and see what they have as far as options to demo.  Does the Fitting Van make it through the midwest during the golf season?

  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Scioto CC does have a good set up for wedges - Don Sargent is the fitter to contact or Bill Stines. The number is:  614.486.1039.

    Yes, the Performance Van does go through the midwest during the summer months. 

  5. Dan H

    Thanks for the info Cathi, I'll hit them up in the spring.  

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