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comparing lengh


All my previous clubs were standard and  2 Flat. .I got fitted at the PGA store for the 714's.  He checked my height .-  after a few swings, he told me to choke down probably less than an inch. I started hitting and all were right in the middle of the face. So he gave me , all standard except for the lenght which will  .5 shorter ....My question is , will the info he gave me be the same as all standard and dropping it to 2 degrees flat?  Hope you understood my question.  Thanks

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  1. Gabe B



    my understanding is the longer the club the more the lie angle goes flat. So if that is the cause then shorting the club would cause you to hit with a more upright lie angle. If the guy doing the fitting understands the process then I think you would be fine with the adjustments made.

  2. Matt B

    The recommendations sound reasonable without knowing your swing or ball flight. You can still bend them 1* flat if needed, most fitters will stand behind their recommendations & if purchased thru them would adjust them if needed no charge. My understanding is this, for every 1/2" shorter you go on the iron it will play aprx. .5*-1* flat depending on manufacturers standard specs. Look at it this way, if a 6 iron is 37.5"@ 62* lie, and a 7 iron is 37" at 62.5* lie, when you cut a 1/2" off the 6 iron you effectively change the club to a 7 iron length however you still have the 1/2* flatter lie angle of 62* 6 iron. I hope this makes sense to you!

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