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New irons

Nick B

I just ordered my new mb 714 short irons and ap2 714 long irons. I have them with project x pxi 6.0 shafts, and a multi compound whiteout grip. What can i expect them to swingweight at? Thank you.

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  1. Cameron D


    The PXi 6.0 will decrease the swing weight by .5 and the Whiteout grips will increase the swing weight by .5, bringing the overall swing weight to standard D2.



  2. Nick B

    Thanks cameron, my recent purchase has inspired my grandfather to buy clubs as well. He is thinking of getting the ap2's with the true temper 95's r or stiff flex. What swing weight would his clubs be with golf pride tour wrap 2g grips? Thanks again!

  3. Cameron D


    They would swing weight out to D1-D2.



  4. Brian T

    Hi Nick,

    1. I purchase 714's with 6.0 pxi , grips are golf pride .580 cord single wrap. what's that swing weight, standard specs / 2 degrees upright.  I want a D3-D4 swing weight, what's the best way to do that?  What's the easiest way lead tape, how much and where should I apply it?  

    1. Second I purchased a 915 D2, I have a shaft I tipped 1.5 inches, Rombax 7V05 X like Rory used to play before he went to swoosh. Shaft is 43 inches now, what's that swing weight?  I want it to be D3-D4 should i buy a weight kit?  Which Weight?  If i add tape instead where should i apply to keep a mid to low ball trajectory?  
    2. Or, instead if I ordered a new shaft instead, what would you suggest?  I'm a 6 handicap 110mph club head speed, 165 mph ball speed mid launcher.  I have the Stiff White board and it feels a tad too stiff, but very close.  The Rombax I have is a mid kick 3.5 torque.  I loved it, what would be similar.  High launch, low spin, but not to tipp stiff....Would you go with Tour ADI-7 Orange, Or ADI Black, or one of the new Aldila Rouge?  I want a stiff flex not an X flex.  Something I can swing smooth, and hit a high cut that bores through the wind.  
    I greatly appreciate your advice!  Your best guess is better than mine!  

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