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714 mb & TVD wedges swingweight with XP 95 shafts

Brett B

Hi, after demoing I've decided to go with the new XP 95 in S300 for my 714 mb's and TVD-M wedges.  My specs are 3/4" short, 1* flat, and standard Crossline cords.  What will the swingweight be on these?  Will it be possible to get them D0-D1 in the irons and D2-D3 in the wedges?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Cameron D


    At that short with those specs you are looking at a swing weight of C6-C7 for the MBs and C8-D0 for the wedges.



  2. Brett B

    Thanks Cameron, is it possible to get the MBs with those specs up to D0 with tip weighting?  If not, what is the highest launching shaft you offer that you can get up to D0 with those specs?  I'm not a fan of lead tape!

    Thanks again I appreciate it!

  3. Cameron D


    At that length, we won't have a shaft that we can get those clubs to D0.



  4. Brett B

    Sorry Cameron just need this cleared up...If I'm not mistaken, shortening a club by 3/4 of an inch brings the swingweight down 4.5 points.  The Titleist website says the MBs in the stock offering are D2, correct?  So you're telling me that even if I went with the DG S300, you guys can't add the weight to get them up 2 points to D0?!?

  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Brett,  If you go with a DYG S300 (std shaft), cut it 3/4" short, we are looking at C7 with a lighter weight head, C8 with a heavier head.  If we add tip weights,it is possible we can get it to a C9 swingweight.

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